Venison & Game

gameQuality game sourced throughout the year & fresh seasonal game…

Our Game supplier is located near by and has an extensive range to choose from, whether it be the latest seasonal item or Local Venison & Wild Boar, plus so much more. Game is one on the best “healthy options” when choosing meat with naturally low fat levels. There are some amazing flavours to experience from the Game Menu.

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Game Calendar

Rabbit/Pigeon – No Close Season
Hare – August 1st to March 31st
Grouse – August 12th – December 10th
Snipe – August 12th – January 31st
Teal – September 1st – January 31st
Partridge – September 1st – February 1st
Mallard – September 1st – January 31st
Wigeon – September 1st – January 31st
Pheasant – October 1st – February 1st
Woodcock – October 1st – January 31st


Roe Buck – April 1st – October 31st
Roe Doe – November 1st – February 29th