The History of Jennings

Leo Jennings opened his first butchers shop in Prospect Street Caversham in 1922 just a few doors away from the premises where his grandchildren still run the business today.

Leo died in 1964 and his five sons continued the business as Jennings Bros. In due course just William and John remained as each of the other brothers moved on to establish their own butcher shops outside of Reading. William and John went on to open further shops in the Caversham area.

Tragically William died suddenly in 1971 leaving his younger brother John to run the business but he was later joined by the third generation of Jennings butchers, his own son Nick and William’s sons Dawson, Scott and Max.

In the early 80s Jennings had five retail shops in Reading but also saw a new opportunity in the growing trend of ‘eating out’ as new restaurants and pubs sought good quality suppliers. Offering the same excellent quality and service that the retail business had built its reputation on Jennings expanded into this growing catering trade.

Jennings of Caversham are now known throughout the Home Counties as a premium supplier to the trade and also retain a strong presence in the heart of Caversham with a very successful retail shop.